Meet Our Team

    Our skilled team collaborates to uphold as a top-notch platform for individuals in search of informative, interesting, and varied content. Together, their combined efforts create an enjoyable and enriching learning experience for our worldwide audience.

    Editorial Staff

    team - dan tynan

    Dan Tynan

    Content Strategist, Editor in Cheif

    Dan Tynan, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, brings a wealth of expertise and extensive experience in digital publishing, spanning well over two decades. His remarkable tenure in the industry showcases a profound commitment to excellence in content strategy and development. His leadership and seasoned perspective significantly contribute to the depth and quality of our editorial direction, making him an invaluable asset to our team and ensuring our audience receives the utmost in reliable and engaging information.

    team - angilee shah

    Angilee Shah

    Journalist, Senior Content Writer

    Angilee Shah is a seasoned journalist and content writer known for her skillful handling of factual information. She knows a lot about different topics and explains them carefully. Whether it’s news or stories, she makes sure to get the details right and tells them in a way that people can understand. Angilee is skilled at using facts to make her stories interesting and she talks about many different things that lots of people find interesting. She always works hard to make her stories clear and enjoyable for everyone.

    team - iqra maqsood

    Tehreem Fatima

    Content Writer

    Tehreem Fatima, a dedicated content writer in our team, brings a fresh and creative perspective to our editorial endeavors. With a passion for crafting compelling narratives, Tehreem contributes a distinctive voice to our content. Her commitment to delivering engaging and informative pieces reflects her keen understanding of effective communication. Tehreem’s presence on our team enhances the richness and diversity of our content, making her an integral part of our mission to provide quality and captivating information to our audience.

    team - christine sellers

    Christine Sellers

    Journalist, Fact Checker

    Christine Sellers is a versatile writer in our team who wears the hat of a meticulous Fact Checker. Combining her skills in crafting engaging content with an unwavering commitment to accuracy, Christine ensures that our articles are not only well-written but also backed by verified information. Her dual role adds a layer of reliability to our content, offering our audience a unique blend of compelling narratives and factual precision. With Christine’s expertise, our readers can trust that they are receiving well-researched and accurate information, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

    Digital Content Staff

    team - ryan gaylets

    Ryan Gaylets

    Graphic Designer

    Ryan Gaylets, our talented Graphic Designer, infuses creativity and visual excellence into our content. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a flair for design, Ryan transforms ideas into visually compelling graphics that enhance the overall appeal of our material. As a key contributor to our team, Ryan ensures that our visual representation aligns seamlessly with the quality and standards we aim to deliver.

    Marketing & Community Management Staff

    team - benjamin lewin

    Benjamin Lewin

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Benjamin Lewin, our accomplished Digital Marketing Manager, spearheads our online presence with strategic expertise. His analytical acumen allows us to navigate the digital landscape effectively, optimizing our reach and impact. Benjamin’s innovative approaches contribute to the success of our brand, fostering connections with our audience across diverse online platforms. Mr. Lewin plays a pivotal role in enhancing our online footprint and ensuring that our content reaches and resonates with a broader audience.

    team - muskan khan

    Muskan Khan

    Social Media Manager

    Muskan Khan is our Social Media Manager. She’s awesome at telling everyone about our stuff on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Muskan posts content, talks with our followers, and helps us connect with more people online. Thanks to Muskan, our social media is lively and fun, keeping everyone in the loop with what we’re up to!

    team - mohsin ayub

    Mohsin Ayub

    SEO Specialist

    Meet Mohsin Ayub, our SEO Expert. He’s great at making sure our content shows up when people search online. Mohsin knows all the tricks to help more people find and read what we share. His work makes our website do better in search results, bringing more visitors to our content. Thanks to Mohsin’s skills, we can reach and connect with a bigger audience.

    Technical Staff

    team - satish kumar

    Satish Kumar

    Web Developer

    Satish Kumar manages our website’s tech department and takes care of web development tasks, ensuring our sites work well and look good.